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  • Viperine Snake
  • hey hatch at around 15 cm, averaging around 40 cm but growing up to 76 cm.
  • =Morphology=
  • They are fragile as juveniles and young adults. When they reach a length of around 50 cm long, their body becomes more robust, but they are still slim and elegant. Their head is slim and rectangular. They have small eyes.
  • =Patterns & colours=
  • Highly variable; usually either gray with darker zig-zag markings and sometimes spots on the flanks. Other common colours are brownish-green with dark markings. Orange specimens are not rare. Also bilineata form (lined form): usual patterns plus two thin and usually yellow or creamy lines running down the back. Belly is checkered black and white.

  • Geographical range

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  • Viperine Snake


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